TEXT TOPIC: Do you hide candy from your kids??

I hide Girl Scout thin mints from my son. I found a box I forgot I hid!!!! Bonus!!

my husband does this ALL the time! Sugared cereal, candy, etc. gets hidden in random places, even in our bedroom!

keep my reeses at work so my kids won't eat them all.

my son is 4, get ready Frankie. But I hide all types of food, If I'm eating it, he wants some too, especially cheese.

I'm pregnant and all I want are sweettarts. I hide them from my three year old. But he always hears the wrapper and comes running.

have teenage stepsons. I have to hide soda in my closet! They'll drink a 12 pack within hours! I also hide chips and candy from them too!

My parents hide food from me and my siblings (21,15,12). We know the spot so we still steal the treats. :)

17 year old son. He eats everything. We keep things in the safe that we don't want him to have

Beef jerky under the seat of my van. Hubbs ratted me out. Oh and suckers in my closet.

have to hide the Oreos from my teenage girls. But only the double stuff. They call the normal ones diet oreos and get mad when I hide the real ones

my wife and I hide chocolate from the kids all the time. Usually the top shelf of the pantry. I also keep a stash of Reese's in my closet.

I hide my ice cream behind the frozen veggies. Or my candy in empty oatmeal canister or rice box

hide candy in my death Star cookie jar. The kids don't it's not a decorative

Have always hid treats in coat closet and boring (Bran) cereal boxes. Kids are 17 - 22 have never caught on.

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