TEXT TOPIC: Do you have something in your home that has been broken or unfinished for a long time?

I have a door in my house that looks like Jack from The Shining came through it. It leads to the basement so nobody sees it so I haven't replaced it

the grout they used when they tiled my kitchen comes out in clumps. Every time I clean or sweep. Been 2 yrs like that. Completely missing in some spots.

got divorced decided to redo my master bedroom. Going on 2 years still not done

Had a sliding glass door that wouldn't slide. 2 min fix before we sold it. Should have done it a long time ago! 7 1/2 years it was like that!

floor in kitchen is (was linoleum). Have had wood for about 5 years to put down.

unfinished- my basement flooded, ruined all my new wood flooring

Garbage disposal broke 3 months ago. Still haven't fixed it. Starting to stink

rail on my stairs is broken from people's kids always hanging on it. It's been a year.... Still broken

upstairs shower...broke in July. Have to tear out a wall...over the stairs to fix it. Maybe we'll get to it this year

My son and his friends put a large hole in the wall from wrestling 4 years ago- I hung a picture over it and called it good.

My bathtub was leaking so we just capped the valves because we were going to update the bathroom anyway, two years later we still have a half bath

My kitchen floor tile is breaking up in chunks. Looks like an unfinished puzzle

my dad got divorced 14 years ago and decided to remodel the kitchen he's just barely finishing it this weekend

my dad's handle on his toilet has to be lifted instead of pushed and instead of fixing it he just took a black marker and wrote lift on the handle

really nice range hood, no light, no fan, nothing. Lived in our house 6 years. Husband fail.

My puppies ruined the carpet in a bdrm, I pulled the carpet up & decided to refinish the wood, that was 6ys ago.

Preview photo: Flickr - djLicious

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