TEXT TOPIC: Who in your family cheats when you play games?

my aunt Lynda cheats at everything. And she conveniently hates games that are hard to cheat at

My grandma is known as the biggest cheater in every game we play. It's hilarious cause she always denies it but we all know.

I am the cheater. If you hold your cards out for everyone to see I'm going to look at them and use it to my advantage.

My husband is the cheater at games. Most dads let their kids win when they play games with them. My husband cheats so he can beat them.

my xstep dad is the cheater (not just at games) such a poor sport would get so mad if the ten yr old beat him, so would cheat to win

I'm the cheater in my family. Almost every game I play. If you aren't cheating you aren't trying! Lol

my mom she's always cheating at every game we play! She always says she get 1500 but she picks up the dice fast so u can't see!

When I was young and would play UNO with my 95 year old great grandma. She would always try to pull a fast one and lay down wrong cards


Preview Photo: Flickr - Farouq Taj

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