TEXT TOPIC: Are you waiting for a marriage proposal?

Dating 3yrs. We travel often & I was devastated when he didn't propose in Paris. Went to NYC @xmas nothing. Going to Dubai this month so fingers crossed.

That would be ME. He didn't get me a ring or anything this Christmas - took my words of "I don't want anything" literal - like seriously?!

MY bf has been dropping hints about a proposal. I was expecting it all weekend. Took me on romantic dates, hikes and random walks through the lights

Been dating my girl for a year. All her friends and family keep asking me when I'm gonna propose. No time soon dang it. Not ready

been together 4 years, high school sweethearts, we've talked about it at length but another Christmas disappointment

I waited 5 years! My high school sweetheart and when we get married it will be 6 years.

We have been dating going on 9 years and no ring yet :)

we had been together 9 years and I had given up hope for a ring when we went on a causal double date to our favorite restaurant and he proposed

Dating for almost three years. In my late 20s and want to get married. Didn't expect a ring for Christmas but am thinking about asking him

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