TEXT TOPIC: What are you going to change this year?

More positive, ask hub for help instead of annoyed with him for not doing it on his own

I'm going to be less of bitch. And lose a few lbs!

hubby and I are separating our money. Tired of his reckless spending

change I'll be making: no More soda! I swear I'm addicted

I've been struggling with postpartum depression, so this year I want to focus on finding my happy again and enjoying my family!

2016 I looked way too much in the past and thought way too much about my ex. 2017 is my year! I'm looking forward, to the future and making a better

do more to build my savings

Have infertility issues. Going to work on getting healthy and explore other options to have a baby.

be more active and playful with my kids. Not so uptight and more patient. They are only young once!

I'm goin to put myself first

Preview photo: Flickr - Kinomi

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