TEXT TOPIC: Are you breaking up with a friend this year?

my bestie of 17yrs. Moved in with her 2015 and saw her true colors and i dont want to be around someone so negative and such a diva

I cut someone out for telling me my kids are a mistake

have a friend who complains about money but won't get a job even though I got her one at my work. asks us to buy food for her kid. can't do it anymore

I have grown apart from my best friend. I have driven 100s of miles to support her in everything. She wasn't there when my daughter had open heart surgery.

my bff for over 16 years, on recent call, used derogatory names for lgbt ppl. My nephew is gay & I never knew b4 how homophobic she was.

Friend for 25 yrs. she has the best heart but she is overly concerned with $$$. I can't AFFORD to be her friend anymore and she doesn't get that.

I'm clipping a "friend". we're not really friends anymore. he just uses me as a messenger between him and his ex. I don't want to deal with his drama.

a coworker & I became really close, one day there was kind of an awkward tension with us. I've tried saving it but it needs to be pure business

clipping her because she is constantly talking about how much money she makes. We have been friends for 17 years and I can't do it anymore.

I'm the friend that keeps the group together... sick of them bailing on plans, not committing... I'm not doing it anymore

clipped a friend for always putting me down about having a family and not partying with her and her single friends. She refused to let go for month

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