The Friends Experience - The One in Salt Lake City

The Gateway

Step inside the world of FRIENDS like never before!

Sit on the iconic orange couch, dance in front of the fountain, kick your feet up in the boys’ apartment and more!

The FRIENDS Experience will be open at The Gateway from October 20th through January 28th.

The FRIENDS™ Experience: The One in Salt Lake City offers fans of the popular television show, FRIENDS, an interactive experience featuring several nostalgia-packed rooms, activations and re-created sets including Monica’s kitchen and the iconic FRIENDS™ fountain.

Fans will have the opportunity to explore the show’s history, re-create favorite moments and learn behind-the-scenes information. An onsite FRIENDS™ retail store featuring exclusive products will also be open to both ticketed and non-ticketed guests.

The FRIENDS Experience: The One in Salt Lake City is located at The Gateway at 16 N. Rio Grande St. and will be open from October 20 through January 28.

Tickets are on sale now at HERE