After listening today, you guys talking about wax people and DB saying he wants to have them in his house and have parties etc...I HAD to show you this video.

So these are grown women, who have these dolls called reborns. They post videos of themselves doing things with their dolls. They act like they are real babies. There is a HUGE youtube community of these is so damn creepy. And if you look at the comments in these videos you see all the people commenting saying "Oh you're such a good mommy" or "oh the babies are getting so big!" It's BIZARRE. And actually very sad...I'm sure some of these people have mental diseases. They make all of these Day in the life videos, birthday videos...of these babies. And they talk about them like they are real kids. Anyway, listening to you guys today just reminded me and I thought you would be interested in seeing this. Super crazy! Check out how many other videos on Youtube there are like this.