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I'm a listener to the show and I personally know Sean Kendall, the owner of Geist who was the dog that was shot.  I'm a student at Westminster College and Sean is my team's athletic trainer.  It KILLS me that this happened because Sean LOVED this dog.  He talked about Geist incessantly.  Sean is in his mid to late twenties and does not want kids so Geist was his "fur baby."  He went hiking, camping, and kayaking with Geist almost every weekend that he could.

Also, who loses their freaking kid in their own house for nearly three hours?!?!  A negligent parent in my opinion.  It's disheartening that this happened and frustrating that this officer will most likely not be punished or have any true consequences for his actions in killing a harmless dog.  All there is to "investigate" (code for we're not going to say anything till we have our story straight) is what the officer says happened and obviously the the killed dog can't say anything.  Senseless and unfortunate.