Heriman Police Department #919-830-8538 if you have information. 

From the mother:

Day 7 of our daughter missing. This pic is a pic without her makeup. We know that Cami has threatened to change her appearance - most likely I would assume to cut /dye her hair. Cami was adopted from Russia 10 years ago and her Russian name is Victoria Zinchenko. Or "Vika". She could be using that name. Her adopted name however is Camilla Rose DiGirolamo 

Again. Birthday 11-1-97. On several sites she lies about her age saying she's 19 and older -l...eading many unsuspecting men into a very serious trap because she is a minor. One good note? I did find a journal of hers today and her bedroom where she had written several poems expressing her love for me and her father and her sisters. Made me smile. All we have heard lately is how bad she hates us and never wants to come home and that's just been since she's ran away.
I know I usually post funny dorky things, and I so appreciate the social media that we have and the technology that we have in these days where I can get the message out because we do have several several leads on her. Your kindness for sharing her picture astounds me. Let's keep it going. Love to all, Dana(Mom)