They found him... Due to someone seeing this on our site! 

Good morning- I am emailing you this morning in hopes you guys can help out,my nephew Iseiah has been missing since 12/14/2013 and we have not heard or seen him since. We have reported this to the police and we are currently working with CSFI Utah missing children's group and we have posted flyers and have been trying to share and get the word out on f.b and channel 4 did a quick story on him. I don't know if there is a way that maybe you could mention it and maybe post his missing flyer on your website and maybe share it on your FB page but anyway you could help would be great. We want him home a.s.a.p and we want him safe. He is from your neck of the woods so he lives in Holladay and goes to Olympus High. We have posted his flyers in the area and are hoping this will give us leads,We have had very few leads in the past three weeks but do to the investigation we are not able to give out anymore information. We just want people to know that he is loved and we are looking for him.

Thank you in advance,