Hi Frankie,
Let me start with my husband and I are fellow Michiganders and relocated here almost 6 years ago. My brother, sister in law and their 2 kids were able to finally come to visit this summer. I was trying to find unique things they do not have in Michigan. My husband and I listen you guys every morning as we are getting ready for work and on our drives into work. After I heard you talk about the rhino feeding I looked into it on the Zoo website, we were the 4th group to participate in the rhino feeding. The zoo keeper, Lauren, was super nice and allowed the kids to feed George and we even got Princess' left overs. My husband even got to be in the fenced in area and take pictures/video and just watch them all enjoy the feeding. The kids said that was the highlight of the week. I have attached a few pics so you can see how much fun they had. Thank you for mentioning this on the radio. We are hoping to go to Moab next fall when my parents come to visit and from your stories I am really excited.

Thank you for awesome morning show!