Just wanted to start out by saying I am a HUGE fan and I listen to your show every morning on my 30 mile drive to work. This is kind of a long email and I am sorry, but please, please read it, I don’t know where else to turn. I wanted to email you because from listening to your show for so long, I can tell you are a great guy who has a big heart. I can tell that from some of the stories you tell, such as when you talked about that kid who saved a dog that got hit by a car this week by running out in the road.


My wife gave birth to our daughter Capri on July 10th 2013 at primary Children’s. 3 weeks before the due date, my wife was told that our daughter had a rare heart condition called “ebstein’s anomaly” and “pulmonary Stenosis” Both unrelated to each other.  The chief of Cardio at PCM told us that Capri’s condition was the most severe case he has ever seen, and proceeded to tell us that she had only a 5% chance if living longer than 5 minutes after her first breath, and a 1% chance of living longer than a few hours. Naturally my wife was devastated and did the best that she could for those 3 weeks, 2 of which were spent in the hospital on bed rest.


Capri was born, and she in fact did live longer than 5 minutes, she even lived longer than a few hours. In fact Capri just celebrated her 5 month birthday on December 10th. From birth until now, Capri spent the first 2 months of her life in the NICU (newborn intensive Care Unit) at Primary Children’s. During those 2 months, X-rays taken shows that her heart is 5 times the size it should be and is actually the size of an adult heart.  Capri suffers from heart SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia) to this day. She underwent a heart procedure to fix the pulmonary stenosis condition. During the procedure, her heart had complications, and they needed to use a defibrillator to get her heart going again. That procedure turned out successful which was a huge step forward.  Our 2 other kids love her so much, way beyond their age and it is so wonderful and scary at the same time.  Her big sister said all she wanted for her 3rd birthday was for her sister to be at her party and that naturally tore my wife to pieces. 2 days before her party, the hospital told us Capri could come home. We got to take Capri home and she has been living at home since. She has been in and out of Primary Children’s over the last few months where recently she spent 5 days in the CICU (cardio intensive care unit).


Capri needs to have her 2nd heart surgery called a “cone procedure” to attempt  to fix her Ebstein’s Anomaly sometime early next year. Without this surgery, Her heart will eventually go into failure around 1-2 years old. This type of surgery is very risky and it is her only shot of survival. There are very few surgeons in the country that can do this procedure so in order to have this surgery, she needs to go to the mayo clinic in Rochester, MN, as the doctor there is the best in the country at the procedure. My wife has had so much support from people as she wrote in a blog every day for 2 months pre & post birth. She has had over 100,000 views from all over the world and letters of support in languages we can’t read. My wife is hosting a fundraiser “Breakfast with Santa / Fight for Capri” on 12/21/13 at the Zions building in downtown Salt Lake City on the 18th floor. People will get pictures with Santa, and there is a silent auction that will take place to help fund the surgery. Capri and my wife will need to be in MN for at least 21 days but we are told it will be closer to 30. We have had so much support as some of our auction sponsors are “rockstar Energy, JackLinks, Pepsi, RCA, Apple, Arbonne, Thanksgiving point, and tons more”.


My wife has put every bit of time she has into this event and now it is time to let people know about it. She has handed out flyers, Facebook, everything in her power to tell people about it. I wanted to see if there was something you could do. If you could mention it on your show, or anything, that would mean the world to us. I know you have ideas to get the word out there and I need your help.  I have created a website for the event listed below. Please check it out for more information if you need it. If you mention it on the air, please let me know so I can have my wife tune in to listen while she is getting kids ready in the morning. I wish I could be home when you do because it will make her an emotional wreck but in a happy way and it would be the best gift she get right now. She truly is an amazing strong woman that I don’t know what I would do without her!


Event website

http://www.fight4capri.com   (www.fightforcapri.com goes to the same place)


https://www.warefamily2013.blogspot.com   Kendra’s blog I mentioned


Here is a video that a professional photographer made for us when we thought she was not going to live very long. She photographed the entire thing so I could always have it.