Please HELP!! The following is a story about Davis Animal Control Officer(s) and what recently happened to our family due to the lies we were told. We want this to be shared with everyone!! NO ONE should EVER have to go through what we have been through!!

To whom it may concern:
Please investigate our story below. We as a family; are devastated at what Davis CO. Animal Control has done, and would like to prevent this from EVER happening to another family.

Our dog bit another little dog which ended up dying; we called it in to animal control that night; and also paid all of the vet fees, associated for the other dog owner. When I called it in, I told them what had happened (our dog was leashed and in our yard, but got away from me) and also that when she was younger that we'd had to report a "bite" of one of my daughters friends (she jumped up and on the way down her tooth caught the girls eye bone cutting it; I called it in and paid that as well). The first officer told me that no; they would not take her and that biting another dog was a little different than biting another person. More than 2 weeks went by and nothing else was done, nor did we hear anything from anyone else.

I was told by the officer #1 (whom they now claim was new) that at most she could issue an animal at large ticket, but that because it was animal to animal and that I had assumed responsibility; she was hesitant to do so in light of both families being upset.

Approximately 2 and a half weeks had gone by, when last Wednesday evening another AC officer (the 2nd) showed up on our doorstep to tell us we had an option to sign her over to the county OR we could cage her; and that she could only go out on a leash to go to the bathroom. I specifically asked about exercise and was told by Officer Logan, that NO; she could not be exercised. She would have to be kenneled, in an approved 6 sided kennel, or inside and only be taken out for potty breaks, no exercise. He told us if we signed her over that the county works with Be Kind and animal organization; and that Utah is moving toward a "NO KILL" status.  He assured us that if we signed her over they would arrange for her to be adopted out of county or state to where she could be rehabilitated, rather than stay kenneled or put down.

We then made the decision that would be more humane than to keep her locked up (she is a 90lb Akita), I again questioned him about the fact that she would for sure be given the chance to be adopted out to a situation where she could have some freedom; and he again assured both my husband and myself that every possible option for adoption would be looked into. So we signed her over.
Later Wednesday night I was so upset and things were not making sense...why would they adopt her out when she knows us? How was it not animal cruelty to keep a 90lb dog caged up with no exercise?

Thursday morning I got online and read some of the laws in regard to a dog labeled as PD (potentially dangerous) and also in regard to animal cruelty; I then called animal control and spoke to another officer who told me that we must've misunderstood Officer Logan, that we COULD exercise her, she just had to be properly restrained.  I told him that NO we did NOT misunderstand, that I HAD SPECIFICALLY asked about walks and exercise and was told that under no uncertain circumstance was she to be out (even in our yard) for ANYTHING other than to go to the bathroom.  I told the 3rd officer that had we known we could still exercise her, we never would've signed her over!! She was mainly an INDOOR dog anyway; our decision was based on him telling us we had to keep her kenneled and NO exercise was allowed.  BOTH my husband and I KNOW what we were told, and that now I had spoken to 3 different officers in regard to our dog and received 3 DIFFERENT stories.  I asked the 3nd officer  to have Officer to have the Officer call me back. This never happened.

Over the weekend I just kept feeling that something did not add up and that I had been lied to; so this morning I went to see if I could bring her back home and follow ALL of the protocols and laws for a dog listed as Potentially Dangerous; only to find out that THEY DID NOT EVEN consider adopting her out; THE KILLED HER THURSDAY, the day I called to question what we'd been told.
The director at the shelter told me that the Officer should have told us that they "evaluate" PD dogs for adoption, but it was not a guarantee; HE DID NOT TELL us anything of a sort.  I asked for a copy of their evaluation (the so called decision to kill her) and was told that they do not really have anything in writing; that the evaluation is based on the dog's history.  Which to me; means it was the Officer's judgment call; after he straight out LIED to us!!  I spoke with these officer's immediate supervisor 7/7/2014; ONLY to have it CONFIRMED that we were lied to, that NOTHING was done following policy or protocol, and THIS NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED.  He could do nothing more than apologize; nothing can change what happened; HOWEVER, the Officer in particular SHOULD NOT be working for or with the public, or ANY animal!!!  

Please contact me a.s.a.p. to see what I can do about this; our family is devastated!!! And none of this had to happen, it happened because we were not told the truth; we thought that we were making an informed decision and the best one for the animal, when in fact all the Officer  had planned was to put her down. She was never given a chance and neither were we!!  The last statement made to my husband (also overheard by our 23 yr. old neighbor) was "Don't worry, we will find her a good home"; she was not ever even evaluated, or quarantined; but was killed immediately.  The immediate supervisor of these officers confirmed to me that the vet tech killed her based upon my husband's signature on the paper signing her over "to be adopted out" or so WE WERE TOLD!!!