I was working and my wife sends me a picture of her with road rash on her hip and elbow. She was in her running clothes (sports bra and little shorts) so the worst fear came to me that she was raped or something like that so I call her and she tells me that she was running with our two German Shepard's and she rolled her ankle. Well the loop on the leashes were around her wrist so she goes down face first and she can't really put her hands down because the dogs are still pulling her forward. They dragged her 15 feet, may I remind you she only weighs like 100 lbs. so I race home to take her to the ER because she thought she broke her wrist. Lol "good thing she's pretty" thanks you guys are awesome I listen to you guys from 6 -10 every morning on I heart radio. Ps here's a picture of one of the dogs. I know you like Shepard's and you can see how big this one is .