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Hello Frankie,

I have been meaning to send you this for a long time but this was the first day I could write you a thank you without starting to cry…….. Never mind I am now crying. I just wanted to thank you so much for sending my husband, my brother’s and I to see Pat Benatar last summer. It was like a dream come true for my brother Harry. It was really funny how it all happened. So I was going to surprise him the day of the concert but he was not feeling very well that week so my husband thought it would be good idea to tell him so he could prepare for it. So the Monday before the concert I came home from work and told him I had a surprise for him on Wednesday something off his bucket list… he only had 2 things on the list, making moonshine and going to a concert.. lol . So of course he goes “don’t tell me it’s a concert sis, I’m just not up to it” I look at him and said that is fine I understand it you don’t want to see Pat Benatar it was ok. He looked at me with the most surprised look and said “YOU ARE SH#*!ING ME”. Lol needless to say he went and was happy as ever.. He was in aww the whole time he had not been happy like that in a long time. I packed us a lunch and I will never forget it you made one of the best memories I could ever ask for happen. I have better pictures I will send some more from the concert I just have to get them off the camera. A few days later we celebrated my birthday at my house and he was all smiles. 

I’m not sure if you realize how much this meant to me, he survived 11 months and 2 days from the day he was diagnosed. They had told him maybe he had a few weeks. I was lucky enough to have him live with me during this time. I listen to all the wonderful things that you have done for so many people and you 3 should be very proud of what you do. I am very honored to say you can add me to your list of the amazing things you do. God Bless you all.  

In loving Memory of Harry A. Mitchell August 23, 1964 to October 7, 2013. 

This picture below was at my birthday party that smile was the best gift I could ever ask for thank you so much.