I was supposed to be on the 68th floor of the north tower of the WTC on 9-11 at 8:00am. Didn't make the trip cuz of son's first day of school.

I have a cousin that work in the twin towers, she slept in on 9/11

my cousin in the military was supposed to be on a military helicopter but for some reason didn't go.. The helicopter crashed

my husband and i were supposed to be at trolley square for his birthday dinner when the shooting happened, but we changed our minds last minute

my old roommate was supposed to be working at 1 World Trade Center on 9/11. His alarm never went off and he missed being in the building

I was supposed to the 3rd passenger in a SUV that rolled down a cliff and seriously injured my two friends

Against her parents wishes my cousin would leave school for lunch in high school and be late back to class. She attended Colombine Highschool

My grandpas ship should have been at Pearl Harbor the day it was bombed, but his ship was delayed at sea.

our friend moved to minnesota and was on that bridge that collapsed. Luckily he had to get gas first or he would have been right in the middle of the bridge

 I was meeting my aunt at trolley square and ran out of gas
my great great grandmother was on the Titanic She snuck onto a life boat because she was 3rd class her whole family died.