have 13 year old daughter and NO BOYS are allowed in her room!


My daughter is 13.5 yo... Oh hayelll no!!! Boys as "friends" are now questionable...let alone something remotely sexual!! NO


12-year-old, I would be very upset. It would also depend specifically on the friend.


I would be pissed if that was my 13 year old daughter


An adult male in bed with one of my girls? That's a big bag of NOPE


Not only no but HELL NO. That young man would get to meet my AR-15


I have a 13 year old girl who always has a crush on her 18 year old brothers friends. I would never be ok with this


Yes! I have a 13 yr old daughter. If I were to catch a 20 yr old in bed with her I would go to jail and plead temp. Insanity.


I would be very upset I have a 13 year old girl and he prob won't walk again if I caught him !!!!!


Yes. Wrong... No way in hell I'd approve or allow my 14 yr old to lay with a man.


Ridiculous! That boy would not be welcome back in my home!!


I have a 13 yr old totally inappropriate


Is there really even a question. My daughter is 14. NO BOYS in room let alone in bed and a 20 year old.


All I can say is not just no but hell no!!! I have three daughters and I would hurt that boy!!!!


A 20something in my tween's bedroom? Not only no, but HELL no!


Hell no! You are inviting problems!


Do you guys know who the boy is? He's Rico from Hannah Montana. Look him up. He looks 14


Ummm....HELL NO!!!


I have a sister in this age group and this is so inappropriate! My mom would never let a boy within a five mile radius of our room!!


Wrong on so many levels: jada accepting it; 20 yr old with 13 yr old; posting pic online ie borderline child porn.... And on and on


He would be dead and I would be at the point the mountain lol


Jumping to conclusions only perpetuates the potential seediness of the picture


Just curious: say the door is open and he's wearing a shirt now.... Is the situation okay?


They aren't alone. Why is everyone freaking out? Someone had to take the picture. Hello?!