I have a friend who is engaged to a man on death row who killed his grandparents

My mother in law married a man right out of prison for murdering his grandma.

My mom is married to her husband who supposedly killed someone. She left my dad for anger problems, but he never killed anyone.

My Aunt married a man who murdered his wife. She started writing him when he was in prison and got with him when he got out. It was really weird at family functions at first knowing what he had done.

My ex used to deal drugs before he turned his life around. I found out he killed his suppliers to get out after they threatened his family. Stayed with him for a year after I found out.

I had just gotten engaged and moved in with guy to find out he ran with a gang in Texas and had been part of a drive by shooting - as the shooter and who killed 3 people. I left

My grandpa was in for murder. I don't know many details they keep it a secret. But my grandma met him while he was serving time. Meeting him you would have no idea he was capable of such things.

My coworker visited prison, as a teenager, met a man who was 20 years older than her and had murdered his former wife. They got married while he was still in jail and he just barely got out 3 years ago

My friend dated & had a baby with gang member who served time for murder... He was under 18 at the time of the crime so he was released No one (besides her) knew of his back ground till after she was pregnant. Very unsettling.

I was dating my husband when we were 16 yrs old. He killed another kid. Did 13 yrs. Now we're married 18 yrs after this happened.

My best friends sister married a gang rapist/ tortured and killed the girl.