Worried about my siblings getting bullied in high school

I haven't out because I am married with kids. Otherwise I have some buddies that I would totally hook it up with! I am a male

Family would disown because I would not be a good Christian. Comments they have already made

I have been in a committed lesbian relationship for 2.5 years and everyone knows but my work. I make to much money to be honest and lose my job.

I have an employee that can't come out of the closet because she will be kicked out of her house if she does. She already has plans for where she will go when she is 18 but until then she can't say anything

I'm out of the closet, but my boyfriend isn't. My family and friends all know he's gay, but his family and friends have no idea who I am. He's really afraid of what people will think of him. Yes, it sucks, but it's not something you can rush.

I'm a 23-year-old lesbian, thought I work with a bunch of 16-year-old girls. I'm worried that if I come out, enough of them will be bothered that my boss will decide I'm not worth keeping around.

99% sure my best guy friend is gay, he always tells me how he finds other guys attractive, but when ever I try to talk to him about it he gets defensive and brings up how its against his religion.

My mother has been very open about the fact that gay people are "disgusting" and that it "goes against nature." Anytime there is anything remotely gay on tv she says how it disgusts her and changes the channel. I haven't come out to her yet because im afraid of it starting a fight and it leading to her not wanting to do with me. Some people are just closed minded about things like this and she is definitely one of them

Still in the closet because im taking over this guys business but he is a homophobe

Been with the same construction company over 20 years and not out at work. Due to the un-manly perception they think it would bring to my position

I'm not gay but have friends that are, and the most common reason why they still hide it is because of church beliefs.