People who dont take care of their yard.

My neighbor who doesn't mow his lawn or pick up his dog poo! Wish he'd move!

My husband and I know that our neighbors don't like us and don't want to stay because we always complain about the cigarette smell smoke I'm the man smell that comes from the apartments below us

My fat neighbor who's damn Chihuahua is always running loose! Wish they'd move!

My neighbors scream at their kids, deal drugs, and have sketchy people over constantly.

My neighbor. He pepper sprayed my dog through the fence because she was barking at him

Cops, protective services, fighting with wife in the streets, young kids running all day and night with no shoes! We want them out!

Ghetto drug dealer with 10 kids, 10 pit bulls and 10 homeless friends sleeping on the couch. Yep love my neighbors!

I don't want the pedophile that currently lives across the street in my neighborhood because...well...he's a pedophile!

My neighbors don't like me for calling the cops on them for repeatedly peeing in their back yard in front of my kids

I live in a very nice, quiet neighborhood. There is a teenager that lives on our street who is having the cops called on him regularly. He walks through our backyards wearing a big backpack and a hoodie. I am convinced he is going to break into my house and steal everything.

Loud parties till 4 am, dog charges kids and poops all over our yard, have let their whole yard die and parks their car on front lawn. In a nice neighborhood.

I want my ex wife to move out of my neighborhood. She's annoying

My neighbors who borrow everything from milk eggs to toilet paper

I have a neighbor who is a victim no matter what happens in her life she takes no responsibility which is okay except for she insists on telling us all about it

The Indian family who lives below me. My closet smells like their curry and we get a nauseating, overpowering smell of Indian food

The neighbors that let their kids play in the middle of the road while they watch them
My stupid neighbor that starts his diesel truck every morning at 4 a.m. And make sure it runs for an hour and a half yeah don't like him

Neighbor across the street threatened to kill our cat grandpa says he's a communist.

Bitchy girl from high school lives right next door.

My neighbors who always fight and make it public for attention.