A raccoon was brought to my wedding, my father in law was in the hospital for 3 weeks. We still don't know who brought it


My roommates girlfriend drank too much. Dropped her wine glass on brides dress & stole the bouquet.


my friend hadn't met the officiate ahead of time and he turned out to be NUTS


We got married in early April. There was a woman nobody recognized going through the buffet line. We think she was homeless, she went through the buffet by stuffing rolls into her pockets. We kicked her out but let her keep the rolls.


A moose ran through my parents wedding and tore down the tent during the best mans speech.


At my sisters wedding a homeless man walked up to her and kissed her. When this happened my sister and her husband were making their vows


 3 feet of snow and a homeless man tried to ruin my day. My reception was on the outskirts of the town that I was living in and a lot of my guests couldn't make it out there. A homeless man showed up at my reception and my dad and brothers in law gave him some food, since there was so much left over and sent him on his way.


During my sister-in-law's wedding my mother-in-law told my father-in-law she wanted a divorce.


My younger sister, about 19 at the time, came to my wedding reception dressed in a white wedding dress. Guests were asking which one was the bride! My wife still has resentment towards her for doing that 14 years ago! And so do I lol


The girl who caught my bouquet wasn't even invited to my wedding and now I have a picture of this girl and I don’t know