My husband didn't file his taxes for 6 years. I didn't find out till after we got married. I FLIPPED!!

My ex doesn't pay taxes. He hasn't for as long as I've known him (20 + years). They've finally caught up with him. They are garnishing his wages for over 40k to The IRS and 15k to the state. He feels like if they are going to take his money, they should do it from his paycheck. He says he will never file taxes.

A man I know is in his 50s has worked his whole life and never paid taxes

My uncle refused to pay taxes for years and years and it finally caught up with him. He ended up serving time in jail for it. And even now he's really in to conspiracy theories and doesn't trust the government

As a person who didn't pay taxes for 5 years, better hope they don't get audited. Cause it happened to me and ouch!

My ex father in law owns a company but changed the name of it to make it look like he no longer has it. He didn't pay any kind of taxes the 8 years

My husbands uncle hasn't paid ever and he owns his own business in Ogden.

My bro-n-law hasn't done his taxes in 5 years. He thinks the government is out to get him lol.
My sister hasnt filed taxes for 8 yrs. she is a single mom with little income. She could be getting a good chunk of change if she would just file!!

I haven't paid taxes in 5 years. Shhhh don't tell. I'm a full time nanny and get paid cash weekly. Before being a nanny I worked for a promotional company  for Justin Beiber and Katy Perry in their promotions for their products and that company as well paid cash and so I've just never had to pay taxes..... I love it! I wouldn't know how to file anyways lol

Wife's grandpa never paid taxes, they got divorced and grandma got stuck with the bill and lost house Apple farm, everything.

My mom was telling me that they are now going after relatives for people how dont pay taxes. So watch out relatives!

My uncle and aunt did not pay taxes, it eventually caught up with them my uncle is in prison and my aunt was deported back to Canada cause she was not a citizen

My mom was married and he hasn't paid taxes in years when she found out she divorced him

My grandpa stopped paying taxes back in the 60s. Never was caught. He passed away over a year ago and now the IRS is trying to get us to settle his $3.4million debt..

My father in law went exempt on his taxes for 3 yrs and the IRS showed up on my husbands door step and arrested my father in law! Hahaha

A distant relative didnt pay his taxes for years and then all of a sudden the IRS swept every bank account with his name. Including the joint accounts he had with his kids. He owed over 30k. Yikes

My ex didn't pay his taxes since 18 yrs old, now 29. Made a lot of money as a real estate agent... Glad I dodged that bullet ...

I only claimed ONE out of my THREE jobs this year.. Opps!

My dad has not paid taxes in over 20 years. My parents divorced after 17 yrs. The IRS went after my mom.