we have the boat, trailer and atvs. We get used every year. Family is OK but I charge the friends gas and snacks if they want to go out


I use my brothers' dad for his water toys (boat, jet skis, etc).


I have a bunch of longboards and I have "friends" calling all the time asking to borrow them


I'm being used for my pool. Just moved to vegas from Ut and losers that never came and seen me are making appt's when they come visit THE STRIP to stay for free and free pool. Shyeah. Riiight losers! Haha


We have a pool and in the summer all of sudden my cousins are my best friend and they wanna come lounge by the pool.


 Everyone is doing yard work so they go to the landfill or moving so they borrow our truck only in the summer months


going up to my wife's grandparents cabin on the summer weekends. Haven't been up since last summer.


I'm dating a girl because she has a swimming pool.