I am a guy. I had a poster of Mandy Moore in a tank top. Sounds like no big deal, but when you're only 10 it might as well have been porn. Hahaha

Nelson & Nelson, new kids on the block and Whitney Houston....lol what a collection. Luv ya guys & gal!!!

I am a 30 year old female when I was younger I had a Dylan poster from 90210 Billy Ray Cyrus poster and a Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters lol

I am a girl and had New Kids and Kirk Cameron. I was obsessed! :-)

I'm a girl. New kids on the block of course! Still love them!

I'm a guy and my first poster was Christina Applegate from Married With Children.
female: backstreet boys!!!!!! Mmmm :) I still love them and jam out to their songs everyday driving to work!

I am a female and my wall the plastered with new kids on the block!

I'm a girl and I had No Doubt, TONS OF SUBLIME!!! Jimi Hendricks and Marylin Monroe!

 I am a guy and I had one of Britney Spears

I'm a guy! Classic Cindy Crawford in black rubber swimsuit

I'm a girl and I totally had Backstreet Boys, Nsync and a Titanic poster on my wall.

Leanne rhymes. My parents randomly got it for me and put it up. She didn't even look good. It was just weird.

As a young girl I had Guns and Roses posters. My mom's X husband would tear them down, so i would but them again and again to put them back where they were.

Female Jonathan Taylor Thomas JTT everywhere

My main men back in the 1990s were Leonardo Dicaprio and the backstreet boys. I had every teen pop magazine there was just for the posters for my wall

 Aaron Carter George Clooney Backstreet Boys Girl

 I'm a girl and new kids on the block

 I'm a girl and had my room plastered with backstreet boys and spice girls posters

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Spice Girls! I'm a gay guy

bedroom posters I had Apollonia, Shelia E and Michael Jackson along with the requisite exotic cars (Ferrari testarossa, Porshe 911)

I'm a guy I had Wally Joyner Michael Jordan Joe Montana and Jerry Rice and the barbi twins

female, 29, I had vanilla ice posters.... Word to ya mother!

Paula Abdul posters as far as the eye could see! Lol ~David Pierce

Female. The Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio poster. Swoon!

 I am a female and when I was little I had a poster of the Nelson brothers with their long luscious blonde hair

female 56 ..dating myself...... David Cassidy huge crush!!!

I had a Pamela Anderson Baywatch poster on the back side of my door of for about 3 years. My mom didn't know it was there until my mission farewell...

I'm a guy and I had Gwen stefani posters she is a fox... Thanks for being my morning drive entertainment listener Tyson.