I once saw a guy texting while riding a unicycle

I've texted while getting my "yearly" female exam.. Yup, I'm THAT girl! Even made my Gyno bust up laughing!

My girlfriend sends texts during sex

I was driving once and I saw the postman texting and driving.

One of the people I follow on Instagram stopped to take a selfie right after she got in a car crash and was all bloody.

I saw a semi swerving so I changed lanes I look over the a hole is texting with Both hands

I saw someone texting while operating a crane that was lifting a man to the top of a building.

saw the driver of a hearse, body flowers and all in the back, texting and driving yesterday morning.

my mom was texting at her dad's funeral

my cousins were taking and sending selfies while I was talking at my grandmas funeral, I see why I was the favorite grandchild.

Went to a concert in Wendover and a guy in the front row was texting the whole time. The performer actually called him out before he stopped!

took a picture going through the finish line of the quarter mile race track at 177 mph

I texted while hiking the other day and fell over the edge of the trail.

celestial room of the temple

At a police academy graduation a kid about 18 was walking while texting and ran into a glass wall in the middle of the ceremony

someone was texting while riding the rides at Disneyland.

my sister texts from the shower with her phone in a ziploc bag

 mom texting in between pushes when giving birth

saw a girl texting at the water park before dropping down a slide. Must be a water proof phone

One hand holding his penis, the other was texting at the urinal!