I used to get them during finals at University. Freaking sucks crying and freaking out trying to take a damn test!

My husband gets them quite often. It was our first date. He started breathing quickly and heavy and ended up throwing up. I married him anyways!

Had a panic attack as I was driving up Parley's to work. I had never had one & had no idea what was going on. I had to pull over. I thought I was having a heart attack

I got a panic attack in front of my elementary school students. It is not fun probably traumatized the little kiddos.

I was in an accident and now have panic attacks. Drove by a car that had rolled and was on fire and I lost it!

I have severe anxiety and HATE flying I had one flying to Vegas. That was the LONGEST short flight EVER!!

While driving in rush hour down town SLC

I was in line at the grocery store checking out and it hit me and I had to walk outside right there

The weirdest place I had one was in fashion place mall. I had to sit down on a nearby bench and just focus on breathing

I had a panic attack in my car, pulled over, and almost passed out on the side of the freeway

I used to have panic attacks when solicitors would come to my door (not because I couldn't tell them no, but because I was terrified they would kidnap my daughter). They would be so bad sometimes that my husband (who worked close to home) would have to come home. My oldest is now 9 and I am getting over it successfully. I take meds for it and have had help for it from a therapist and a doctor

I get panic attacks whenever i think about my "mother-inlaw" im not kidding. I start shaking, hyperventilating and get very nauseas

I was late for my wedding because of a panic attack.

I had one at the dentist. I'm terrified of needles and saw the numbing needle. Sucked

Had a massive panic attack at the midnight viewing of the last Breaking Dawn movie.

Was having lots of marital/money probs. Was in costco @ xmas, very very crowded. Started to not breath. Had to go to dog food corner & calm down.

We were in a business meeting working out a contract with my CEO, CIO, CFO for the Fortune 500 company I was working for at the time. We were working out contracts with the CEO and CIO of a major vendor and I had just gone thru a divorce, a major panic attack came on it was so bad. Everyone looked at me and could tell something was wrong so I just excused myself to the restroom

I am a professional dancer and three times now while I am supposed to be playing dead on stage I have had panic attacks! It's the worst because I can't move!!

I had a panic attack about an hour before my wedding when my dead dad's identical twin brother came into the dressing room. We both cried.

I had a huge panic attack in Manhattan in November. It was my first time traveling alone and I was at my brothers college called Parsons waiting for him

Had a panic attack my first time snowboarding on a normal hill. Got off the lift & the rest of my group had taken off. It was a cloudy day & had to be taken down by the ski patrol. Never gone boarding again

I had one in the tunnels in Paris while I was driving. I have them frequently but not as much as I used to

I work in a very high stress industry and have always struggled with anxiety. I get panic attacks quite frequently. Finally I got a dog to kind of help