my niece got stuck in one of those babies swings at the park that was just right behind our house


my butt got stuck in a folding beach chair when I was little.


my husband got his hand stuck in gear housing of cement mixer


my elbow got stuck in between some pillars in my elementary lunch room. The janitor had to help me get it out.


head stuck in hole in tree trunk fire department had to get me out. They Sealed hole with cement after that.


I got my hair stuck in the fan of a blow dryer once... that was painful


Took a neighbor girl for a ride in my go kart when I was a kid and her hair blew into the chain and gears of the engine so we had to cut off a huge chunk


working at McDonald, had a coworker get her arm stuck cleaning the milkshake machine / fire dept called we had to use grill grease to get her arm out


I got my boob stuck in a machine at work!!! I almost had a mastectomy by machine!!!