My brother was going to Canada to work for a month. Came home a day after he left. He was banned from canada for 2 years. He never told me why.

I'm banned from milo sports store

My husband is banned from carnival. He got in a fight with his girlfriend at the time and went to walk around the ship to be alone. His sister and friends freaked out cuz they couldn't find him and reported him missing thinking he jumped off. When he was found carnival told him the next port he had to get off the ship and find his own way home and was banned from future carnival cruises.

My son mooned the high school cheerleader tryouts. Band for life!

I'm banned from the local bowling ally for refusing to remove my hat that had a picture of Bowser from Mario holding a bomb, they claimed it was gang related and told me to not come back.

Canada for weapon charge

Kmart, was skateboarding through the store and causing ruckus

Sea not tease the walrus with fish. The ban did not work, I have been back many times...suckers!

My husband is banned from BYU's campus for life!

I have been banned 4 life 3 times from the Springville Walmart.

I am banned from Alaska, for the paintball attacks that took place in 2001 and we video tapped it. It was national news for few months and front headlines in Alaska for 6 months

Lake Powell, even the rangers helped us pack

My friend John is banned from the a Wendover casino for arguing with the dealers and using the F word at the table so he's not allowed back they 86 him ha :)