my soon to be ex wife when ever we got in a fight would always bring up that I stole her dog when she put it up for sale and I just happen to get it.

My Mom brings up "remember when you tried to kill me with the ceiling fan. " My Dad didn't install the ceiling fan correctly and it fell on her.

I always bring up his mom and bad mouth her :) oops

husband always bring up my family, dog and wanting to get pregnant. Yeah he can be a real jerk! Goid thing he is super sweet 90% of the time

no matter what we argue about like when i burn the hamburgers she always brings up how I stepped out in her.

ex girlfriends! Every single time! We'll argue about anything n it always ends with ex girlfriends

My boyfriend always brings up my ex boyfriend in fights. As if they have anything to do with each other. But he can't handle that I was with another guy

the fact that. I'm not as romantic/cuddly as I was 8 yrs ago when we met/courted each other.

 that I'm a liar. It's hard to be honest when you're called a liar every fight. When you really do you lie.

he always brings up how he doesnt hit me(my ex used to hit me) but i always tell him he should go back to his ugly ex

once I went into the bathroom to pee with an ex and now my bf will always say "why don't you just go into the bathroom with your ex!!" In arguments

He always brings up my dislike of his parents. Ugh!!

He always brings up that he makes the money and pays the rent ... MIND U I STAY HOME WITH 3 KIDS :)

my hubby will always with out fail bring up my credit card flop from being first married. That was 5 years ago sweetie drop it!