Got in a rollover accident in Farmington Canyon. Got knocked out, woke up upside down and for some reason I was convinced we were tipping off the cliff.

I was scared for my life when I was about 4 years old, I had a guy that was mentally ill pull a machete out on me and swung it at my head and I ducked.

I went to Africa on a humanitarian trip and we got lost in northern Uganda at night. Our driver stopped and asked for directions and left us (a van full of white teenagers) and people started approaching. One man warned us that we needed to "leave NOW for your lives!" I was so scared I was shaking! Our driver finally came back and we got the hell out of there!

When I drove under one side of a semi and out the other on I-15 Wednesday of last week. (PS... Sorry to everyone I made late to work ;) haha)

Sacred for my life when i was in a roll over accident went down a mountain

I used to be a cop and while assisting an office with a DUI another drunk driver hit my vehicle almost crushing me between mine and the other offices vehicle. I have to quickly jump out of the way to avoid injuries. That's my scariest moment, fife intent scared for my life.

Feared for my life one time when I was spear fishing off Oahu and ran into a 14 foot aggressive tiger shark. Had to sacrifice my catch of the day to get away. Never been that scared ever again.

I was hit in the chest and neck with a chainsaw almost cut the artery

When I was deployed. The building next to mine got hit with a rocket. I still have the piece of shrapnel that went past my head

The delivery of my second child

I nearly drowned in Flaming Gorge while white water rafting I got stuck in a rapid and was pulled under the water

Almost drowned at Huntington Beach California was rescued by some people who happened to doing a long cross country swim through the area.

First time I jumped out of an airplane while I'm the military, i had the biggest fear of dying some horrific death or having some major injury during the jump and messing myself.....

We were stuck in hurricane in cancun, and all we had to eat was tuna fish for a couple days

Getting chased through the streets of Mexico by the Mexican police. Pulled us over yelling and screaming with guns pointed at us.

I was scared for my life just this last week when my husband soon to be ex was choking me out. Thank goodness it didn't happen and he went to jail.

My car slid on ice in front of a school bus, I knew it was going to hit me because it was coming straight at me and I knew I was going to die. I even braced for impact! Somehow the bus went around me, it almost felt like it went through me. That's when I came to believe in guardian angels

While hiking in St. George Utah I got stuck in a crevice and couldn't get out until someone was able to help.

Chased by a drunk psycho in Tijuana!

Scared for my life when my husband tried to kill us both in a rollover with my side towards oncoming traffic. He cheated n I wanted to leave

I was pregnant and our upstairs neighbor was being loud so I went up to ask him to keep it down. He answered the door with a rifle pointing at my face

This is about 10 years ago I was with her friend delivering papers she was a process server The guy came after us with a gun

I got chased off a river by a bear while fishing in Alaska