I met a guy on the radio back in 97 we went to the top of little cottonwood canyons hiked down the side of the mtn and sat there talking for about 1 hour. Then he asked me for a sexual favor after I said no he said he had to go get his cigarettes from his Jeep. He left me there I walked miles and finally a cop pulled over to help me age give be a ride.

Showed up in stolen car and stole wallet out of purse

Blind date turned out to be my first cousin!! still bought dinner. (:

Picked up in stolen car. Was stopped by police. Exit the car at gun point. Not impressed.

I met a guy online in college. He said he was in Med School at the U. After talking online for a while we met and he admitted he was a stripper downtown and was so attracted to me he wanted to hire me to be his fluffer on work nights. I stopped responding to his calls and had to change my #bcuz he wouldn't stop leaving msgs asking if I wanted the job.

My bff set me up with a guy , the pink hair should have tipped me off but ended with the guy telling me that God has revealed to him the cure for cancer

He was an hour late. Brought a check book so I had to pay for dinner and just his cost $45. Then went to comedy club and he left me sitting for almost an hour. When he came back he said he had called his mom to see if he can sleep over. NEVER Was an OPTION!!!!!

I went out with a girl and when I came back to her house her parents ambushed me and wanted me get married on the spot, become a polygamist, and to join the FLDS church.

he blindfolded me and told me our date was a surprise. When the blindfold was taken off we had arrived at his sisters wedding, where I was told that I was going to be her 4th bridesmaid. NEVER had met any of these before in my life. I told everyone I had to go to the bathroom and instead split

A guy picked me up in his new Mustang and was showing off in it. He took it to fast around a corner on the freeway and lost control flipped it and put me in the hospital for 4 days had to have surgery on my collar bone have 3 pins in it now.

I met a guy online and on our first date he offered to pull my car around for me so I wouldn't have to walk in the rain. I gave him the keys and he never came back! Luckily the cops found him the next day.