I've recently learned that I share too much all the time. I apparently don't have a great filter. Most recently at the hair dresser. I'm embarrassed and need to find a new one now.


my husband got a new iPhone and he responded to my group text not knowing it went to everyone in it that his medicine was making him extremely horny 


my boss told me the other day about how her boyfriend massages her boobs while she nurses her two and a half-year-old 


this girl I didnt know at all told me about how she got hpv from her bf and how she had this really bad disease where she pooped her pants all the time


wife's co worker of 3 months broke down and told her how she had recently cheated on her new husband.


I had a person approach me in wendover told me they used to be a girl and were taking the steps to become a boy. Told me this within 5 minutes of talking to them


I was getting my breast exam and told my OB/GYN how much I enjoy my breasts getting "attention."


when meeting my daughters friends parents for the first time so they could have play dates, the first thing out of the mother's mouth was "we are atheists how about you?" A little strange for an introduction.


 I recently participated for my sons school fieldtrip. Another Mom shared with us (entire bus) about her hemorrhoid flare up. Nothing like explaining to a 5yr old what a hemorrhoid is!! Gross


had a guy on fast Sunday at the pulpit started off telling us about dropping his cell phone in the toilet while he was relieving himself.


My son's girlfriend told me my son was taking about dingle berries he's had. Didn't need to know how hairy his butt is TMI


During law school I was interviewing with a judge. I was joking around with him to break the tension and I let it slip that I once laughed too hard and wet myself. Definitely didn't get that job.


it was my first day of work and this coworker was talking to me and somehow it switched over to how her ex husband use to beat her.