I got drunk on Halloween. Too much moonshine and tequila I was yelling at ppl in the parking lot for going the wrong way on the round about.


try to impress my girlfriend with how much I could drink and ended up spending the entire night facedown on her brothers bathroom floor


When i drink, i always tell my self dont get so drunk that you dance.... But for some reason I always end up dancing like a crazy person.


the night before new years I decided it would be great to pregame at the house before the bar. 8 shots of liquid cocaine later 


Went on a date and had A LOT to drink which is not like me at all. Ended up chucking in my dates car ... She now works at the same place and we run into


when I hooked up with this girl my friend was in love with


I got white girl wasted and my friends took my bottle of vodka, refilled it with water in hopes to get me to drink some water. I then took it and sold it to a drunk guy at a party. Forever the infamous drunk girl!


I got wasted at your Zoo Bash fell down the stairs and snaked my head wouldn't let the EMT examine me and almost got arrested.


wife woke to me peeing on our hotel door


Got really really drunk 1 night of tequila vomited for 18 hours straight girlfriend spoon fed me pepto bismol the next day


This time I got super drunk I helicoptered in my wife s grandmas. Face. Wtf


 I was so out if control at one point I woke up to my friend yelling my name saying "your peeing on my carpet " had no idea


I've had many I also decided to go roller blading at classic skating fell flat on my face I'm 26 and decided to go to CLASSIC SKATING 


I got so drunk that I blacked out, tried fighting a random person at the gas station for starting their car and their headlights shined in my face.


my girlfriend got so drunk she caused three best friends to get in a fist fight


 I gave a drunk toast at a wedding and part of my toast was "they love each others asses and the kick each others asses".


Halloween night ended with me throwing up on the guy who was offering to help me stand up.


 I had got so drunk I passed out on the toilet, and my buddies took pictures of me.


I once drank so much I hid under the bed while my friends were having sex, then I rolled out very quietly turned on the lights and said surprise....


my husband grabbed my moms breasts thinking it was me.


at a party my girlfriend and her friend were throwing up in the toilet... so I dumped out in the sink.


got really drunk and got caught making out with my friend in the bathroom at the bar. We are both girls.


started drinking Saturday night in Nephi Utah woke up in Kanab Utah Sunday morning completely naked in a church parking lot