Apologize and give ear plugs

they need to bring a white noise maker and turn it up high. they won't hear a thing.

I worked at a hotel and we always had families check in. If we ever had complaints about noise we would move the guest that was complaining to another room. Typically a suit to accommodate date them and so we would have to bother the family.

I worked in the hotel industry for 5+ years and have dealt with and seen sooo many things! But Jessica is right, we would have moved the family OR if the ppl complaining wanted to move, we'd move them. If the family were to be the ones, I personally wouldve moved them into a suite if it was vacant.

We were sharing a room with family in Yellowstone my son had an ear infection we sat out in the car with him

I frequently travelled with 3 kids under 4, and a dog. Getting on planes, I made jokes and gave out candy to people around us

Parents should stay home. You have a child cannot stay quiet that you need to not travel until you get the problem resolved

Travel w/Ear plugs!!!
I would knock on the door and offer some help

take the kids down to the lobby

Keep your screaming baby at home!!!

We travel to luxury properties with our kids all the time. As a parent, all you can do is try to find a hotel that is family friendly

Stupid that the people wasted the time write the letter. Put ear buds in. Babies cry.

I think people should come prepared with sleep aid because you never know What is going to happened and it's not the babies fault

I worked in the hotel industry and the places I worked we would have been more than happy to offer the couple a refund for their room.

We had our 10 month old babe at a hotel just a couple weeks ago and she wouldn't settle down. My husband finally took her down to the lobby and when that didn't work he drove around the parking lot with her and she finally fell asleep. Sometimes little ones have a hard time going to sleep in non-familiar places

I am fine with a crying baby in public unless the parents aren't doing anything about it. I can't stand when the child is in complete melt down and the parents act like they can't hear them.

My daughter used always cry when she slept in places that were not her own bed .I feel for the parents

People with kids do not need to become a hermit because people without kids want to enjoy public events

The people with the baby have every right to be there. I take earplugs with me everywhere I go. They work wonders!!!

If its at a luxury resort, shouldn't the walls be soundproof?

I'm sure the parents didn't wanna listen to scream baby all night either...duh get a life bitchers

Been on both sides of that issue! It's hard to not have a screaming baby but have to listen to one. But think about that poor parent. They're not having fun either. Options: ask for another room of take a Benadryl. U might as well be on an airplane because what are u gonna do put the mother in a stable??