A gorgeous girl went to sneeze and when she sneezed she farted and everyone looked at her and she just laughed

I had a woman talking on her cell phone about how she decided to definitely have the abortion. I felt so uncomfortable about her private conversation I got off the elevator

My barbershop quartet delivered a singing Valentine to someone in an elevator.

umm awkward. We were on our way back to our room in Vegas and this guy just went down on his girlfriend in front of like 6 ppl.. We clicked about every floor so one door would open FAST!

I was in Vegas and got jumped by two Mexican girls for no reason. One grabbed my hair and held me down and the other one started punching the back of my head!! I think I could have fought back if I wasn't in stupid heels. I hate high heels!

was alone in an elevator. Door started to close so I let out a huge fart. Two inches before the door closed. This hand slips in and opens the door. I t was a young hot girl and my ass was rotten. Man it was awkward.

15 years ago in Vegas my teeny bopper friends and I were going to a concert. The elevator was full of nothing but teens-with the exception of Karl Malone stuffed against the back. It was hilarious!

I got in an elevator alone so between floors I took the opportunity to adjust my snug undies. BUT i didn't realize it also had a back door and someone else had entered the elevator after me from the back door . Yeah the poor guy got an eyeful.

I was planning to pick up a coworker on a different floor. The door opened and I started singing hello my baby hello my honey hello my Ragtime gal... .the person standing there was the ceo....not my lunch buddy.

In an elevator with the fam. A large man gets on and for whatever reason the elevator started beeping. My mom turns to my brother and (inside joke) says I guess you are too fat. THE BIG GUY GETS OFF AND STARTS CRYING BEFORE MY MOM CAN EXPLAIN BECAUSE AS SOON AS HE GETS OFF THE DOORS SHUT! My mom was mortified and tried to find him the rest of our trip!