Leg pain and numbness under my ribs

When I was pregnant I had hiccups all the time, and they hurt!

Rash on belly nice and itchy!!

Hemroids...... Ouchy

I got a gallstone with my first pregnancy. TORTURE every time he would move and hit my gallbladder.

Disgustung metallic taste in my mouth. All the time. Everyday, every minute. Awful.

The unexpected side effect I have experienced is memory loss

7 months pregnant with my second child she dislocated my hip trying to come out early. 2 months of contractions with a dislocated hip is no Bueno!

Threw up every day for 8 months. barely gained 12 lbs

Body hair! I have black chest hair and neck hair now that I have to pluck! Very annoying.

Thunder crotch! -where the ligaments are stretched and feels like you are constantly getting punched in the hoohaaa
I got the sciatica nerve pain by 10 weeks and could barely walk and my husband had to pick me up off the ground multiple times. My baby is 14 months old and I'm still dealing with it

While pregnant I had bad gas and my liver started going out.

I was allergic to my first pregnancy. ...I had rash head to toe. They ended up having to take the baby early...ugh

My mouth tastes like dirty pennies and I drool if I am not careful.

When I was pregnant my skin complexion got A LOT darker my last week of pregnancy

When I would throw up I would pee my pants!!

Crazy Charlie horses into legs... In the middle of the night! Gah


First trimester major headaches, rib pain from rips expanding, sharp leg cramps.

Crazy itchy armpits!!!!! It was terrible!

My feet grew, I ended up having to throw out half my shoes because they didn't fit even after I had my baby.

I had bumps all over my nipples that would pop and had puss in them

I had funky heart palpitations for the first three months

Greasy hair. Had to use dawn dish soap for shampoo

Threw up every time I brushed my teeth.

Happy trail

I now have a big hernia on my belly button. Lovely :/ I need to have surgery to have it removed.