My first concert was Toto when I was 8!

My first concert was The Moody Blues

2001 linkin park

first concert was Toni Braxton and Kenny G

New Kids on the Block 1990

I was 16 years old. First concert was MC HAMMER in 1990

My first concert was Richard Marxx! Lol

backstreet boys. 2002. Life was completed.

First concert was Juice Newton. I was 4 or 5, so it was 1980 or 1981. :)

BON JOVI!! 1986 I believe

My first concert was Ricky Martin! Had to be around 1998 or 1999!

Alabama 1988

Imagine dragons, last year at weber state

 first concert was war in the 70's

My first concert was seeing Britney Spears at the state fair ground! She was amazing!

Rick Springfield 1984

Garth Brooks 1992

Metallica 1998 I was 15 yrs old. Wild concert!!

tiffany i think 89 90

Judds in 2002

My first concert was on like 1989, the bangles. I was in first grade and fell asleep during walk like an Egyptian

'N Sync in 1998 at the Fairgrounds. Just saw JT in Phoenix on Saturday. So JT's been my first and last concert!

Weezer, jimmy eat world and tenacious D. Thanksgiving 2000.

Approximately 1994, Eagles concert in Colorado. I was 9. Someone passed me a joint! They were obviously REALLY high.

my first concert was milly vanilly back in junior high and second concert was billy Ray Cyrus...go ahead and laugh. I do!

my 7 yr old son's first concert this summer was Styx & Foreigner! Mine was Bush, and No Doubt opened.. back when they were unheard of!

my first concert was Metallica. I was 12 and decided to go in the mosh pit. I almost died!!

1987 George Michael. My 8 year Olds first concert Kiss this year. She loooves over them!

marky mark 1992

bryan adams baby! 1993 everything I do,I do it for you.

the year was 1992 and it was sir-mix-alot's baby got back concert

pat benetar and REO Speedwagon at Wolf Mountain in 1990

Some random 90 year but Janet Jackson.

Barry Manilow 1983! Oh yeah!

shaun cassidy... 1977?? 1979?? at the old salt palace ;)

Age 26 depeshe mode

Green Day '99 or '98...they were jerks :(

beach boys ft the fat boys (they sang wipe out) in 87' hahaha

Reba 1996 in Fargo North Dakota

sugar Ray and smash mouth at the holy cow in 1997. I touched Mark McGrath's arm!

THE MONKEYS 1969 age 13 . . 7th grade

crystal Gail 1987

Jackson 5 . I was 11

first concert LFO BABY!!!! 2001!

Elton john 90s

James Taylor with my dad I was 7 or 8. Loved it!

First concert was RATT I was 15 yrs old

Janet Jackson, I was in 6th grade. Velvet Rope tour

first concert LFO BABY!!!!

motley crue opening up for ozzy at the salt palace in 83

Shawn Cassidy baby! Back in the 70's! I think I was 11 or 12. I was in heaven!

Neil McCoy in 2005!

First concert Ratt Cinderella Kix. I was 14.. 1987 I believe

Alabama in 85 got to kiss Randy Owem!

America in 1997

Shake n bake in 77 or 78

Rod Stewart I was 15 they weren't cool then :)

Billy Joel 73 or 74

tupac in 96 I was 10 in LA

98 degrees in 2001ish

first concert I seen Aerosmith with Cheap Trick in the mid 90's I was around 14. AMAZING!

George strait 92

no doubt 1990 something!

Journey 95 in Vegas


Rush 2007. Greatest 3 hours of my life.

1997 bare naked thought I went to a stripper show

Tool in 2006 just before I left on my mission hahaha

ZZ Top 19 74 before they were anybody on the Rio Grande ditching High School

first concert was Boston 84-85