I had a boss who told me that she wishes she had gone back to school because now she was stuck in her job This made me really look at myself so I went back to school got my bachelors and then my masters degree


One guy told me that people would actually want to date me if I didn't look like a whale, at least you have a beautiful face. Made me lose 85 lbs. now when those people who knew me before want to date me now I tell them no way. I still have the same personality just a new body.


My cousin's jerk husband called my sister fat, she dropped 40 lbs and he found it, ha ha!!!


My dad said that girls don't need to go to college .I am now the breadwinner with my bachelors degree looking to move on to my Masters degree


One night years ago a friend of mine's husband told me that I had Utah hair. I booked an appointment the very next day with a hairstylist and changed it


My wife said I couldn't make it real estate 13 yrs ago, 8 yrs later I was making 1 million a yr, closing 20-30 a month. I made damn sure I was going to make it


I was told by some random guy who heard in high school that I was never going to succeed because of my grades. I'm starting my masters program this fall.


I was volunteering at a Sunday school and one of the students that is about 7 years old came up to me and asked me if I was pregnant and I was not... I was only 18 years old but that comment made me change my life around and get in shape


Almost flunked out of high school and a teacher told me I'd never amount to anything. Just got my masters degree and make more than that teacher ever will.


My sisters fiancée called me thunder thighs. Since then I have lost 30 lbs and 5 dress sizes! :)


A delivery guy asked how far along i was in my pregnancy. I wasnt pregnant but got so frustrated it motivated me to lose 25 pounds.


"Your friends only hang out with you because your the funny chubby one". Yep, 8 months later dropped 80 lbs and now I'm his boss! Thanks jerk


I was shopping and asked an associate if they had a particular suit in an 8, she responded you are not an 8 I will look for a size 12 or 14. I joined weight watchers the next day and lost 30 lbs to fit in a 6. Didn't matter if I thought I was an 8 I looked like a 12!


In High school a teacher told me I would only make it working the streets. I have my Bachelors in Nursing, MBA, Massage Practitioner, & & Legal Nurse Consultant 


An old friend once told me " it's a good thing that you're beautiful because your personality sucks" I was a lot nicer after that jab.


Teacher told me i couldn't write. I'm now on the Bestseller list on Amazon. He was such an asshat.


My friends mom said 4 years ago that I couldn't get into med school. I start in August.


My is 100 lbs and smoking hot. I was 245 .. someone asked how the hell did you get her. Are year later I'm a slim 189 and cut