I was driving my dog home from the vet after being sedated. A car backfired and my dog jumped out the window onto the 15 off ramp. I jumped out and chased him, running so hard I dislocated my hip. Dog's fine, I'm still recovering from surgery

I was shaving my underarms and somehow shaved my eyeball! Had to rock an eye patch for a couple weeks.

I broke my foot and was in a cast for six months because I fell off my high school's football announcer box

I don't know if you remember back in 96 or 97 that huge boulder falling in Provo Canyon. That was my dad, smashed his truck. He came out with very very minor injuries, no broken bones just a few scrapes. super lucky I believe the Boulder was the size of three garbage trucks.

Mooned my Gma at the cabin. long story short, ass backwards two stories to the ground no broken bones

My dogs were chasing each other in the yard and ran into me full speed and broke my leg.

I was at work when I got a phone call from my now ex saying that my daughter "had gotten shot in the neck" it turns out someone threw a bullet casing in the fire and it shot out and hit her in the neck. She was pretty lucky it didn't take out her eye!

My mom asked my sister to throw her a sucker from left over Halloween candy. My sister threw it to my mom it hit the arm of the couch flew up and the sucker stick went straight into her ear. She can no longer hear out I that ear.

Tore a muscle in my back having sex.... The dr. Asked me to show her how it happened!

I was hit by a train the story is we were going shooting down in Uintah and we were waiting for a train and I went across the train I got the other side I dropped my sunflower seeds and when I stood up there is a little bar sticking out from the side of the train it broke my arm

I was chucking two butter knifes in the kitchen sink one of them popped back and hit me in the eye 10 stitches later.

When my boyfriend was younger he was playing on the trampoline with some friends doing flips and being idiots. Well he ended up with a spring that popped out of the edge of the trampoline in his neck a few cm away from his jugular!