My wife Posted her boobs on Facebook when they were suppose to come to me

I went to search for my ex-boyfriend and ended up putting it as my Facebook status mortifying!

I posted on someone's wall about getting my who-ha pierced instead of in a message

My friend thought Instagram was just a photo editing app, so she was posting all of these naked pictures of herself.

My brother in law was liking nude pages and amateur porn pages on facebook not realizing people could see what you have liked

A friend of mine meant to send a sexy picture of his private parts to his girlfriend but accidentally sent it to his boss because they had the same first name

Sent a dirty snapchat to my gf. Or so I thought. Sent it to my brothers gf by accident.

Sending a dirty text to the wrong person...

My boyfriend signed up for spotify and didn't realize it posts what you are listening to on Facebook by default. That day, he listened to the Frozen soundtrack all day long. His buddies and I have been making fun of him for weeks!
My parents pastor liked a skanky girl revealing picture on Fb. 90% sure she was a porn star!

I once meant to text my friend trash talk about a girl, but I ended up sending it to the girl who I was trash talking about..

I was setting an out of office auto reply on my outlook and wanted to test it. So I sent a test email to my personal email and the message was "I'm out of this s*** hole I'm never coming back." I was being funny with myself but somehow it ended up sending to all of my contacts instead of just my personal email so everybody, everybody I've ever emailed customers clients associates got this message

My cousin likes all these women on Facebook from a dating website. The women are incredibility unattractive and severely obese.

My sister got a pic of a wiener and she accidentally posted it add her profile picture haha!

I texted my naked boob accidentally to my relief society president. It was supposed to go to my hubby. Oops

My grandma doesn't understand Facebook and instead of sending a private message she asked on my wall how my OB appointment went!!