I has the same name as the cops wife. Thank goodness he liked her and I didn't get a ticket!!!

I got out of a ticket because the cops headlight was out

I was being followed by an unknown person on the freeway. Initiated a high speed chase with the person following me. Got the attention of a cop who pulled me over. Told him what was happening and he told me to slow down and drive safe and went after the car that was following me.

We were racing on I-84 right before the canyon. Cops flipped on us. We all knew we were caught so we pulled over and waited lol. Just as they walked up to our cars telling us about impounding our cars..... The sky opened up and BAM! The worst hail ever just started pounding us. The cops didn't even stutter, they ran for the cars while shouting at us to slow down. God must love muscle cars ;)

Was pulled over for Speeding on the freeway in Sandy, while the officer was at my window a car plowed into the back of another RIGHT next to us. He closed his eyes, shook his head and silently whispered dammit, and sent me on my way. HAHA!

My mom ran a red light and Ended up hitting a motorcyclist so The police were called and everything like that. and it turns out that the motorcyclist had 4 warrants out for his arrest and the police just thanked my mom and give her a warning and sent us home. Apparently the guy was a big-time drug dealer

I got out of a ticket once because I was pregnant and I was speeding because I really had to pee and ended up peeing my pants.

Got pulled over for speeding by the UHP gave me 3 tickets, officer locked his keys in his patrol car, had to drive him to the station to get his spare and his sergeant was there he was extremely embarrassed and took my tickets and said he would take care of these

My husband cried. I think the cop was so uncomfortable this guy was

The cops pen ran out of ink. He asked my mom if she had one and my kid sister piped up In the back offering him one. My mom gave her the death glare.

Got pulled over for an expired temp tag cop told me to take it out of car and handed to him I did he looked at it said well Matt we might be related and left.

A cop pulled me over for speeding. He took my license and registration and and when he came back he told me he would let me off with a warning because it was my first offense. It wasn't and I was confused. He told me to have a good day and said good bye "Molly". My name is NOT Molly. He had my paperwork that all has my correct paperwork. He must of had a long day.