pain meds, 3 bulging discs in my neck, along w nerve crowding n arthritis.


double dose of reflux meds every morning along with a Prozac, an anti nausea and have an ongoing prescrip for headache meds


I'm 28 and take meloxicam for rheumatoid arthritis. I've had it since I was 14


I take reglan. It is a medicine that helps my stomach pump properly. If I don't take it food can sit in my stomach for days


Take Zoloft every day which is an antidepressant


I take Singulair for allergies. My 3 YO takes Keppra for epilepsy


I take Domperidone. It has a side effect to increase my breastmilk since I want producing enough. Its not covered by insurance, cost 90 bucks a month


I take Apri (app-re) for birth control daily


subutex. An opiate blocker. Clean 5 yrs


Lydia for my colitis! 


Levothyroxine for thyroid Metformin for poly cystic ovarian syndrome

I take armor thyroid and a butt load of vitamins to try and get my thyroid in check


I take Imitrex when i get a migraine and its frequent.


Mitro valve prolapse, irregular heartbeat


Levothyrozin for thyroid and mirapex for RLS


prozac -depression anxiety Trazadone -sleep / anxiety Klonapin- anxiety


Prilosec- acid reflux Synthroid- hypothyroid Birth Control- endometriosis Ambian- sleep And vitamins. P.s. I'm 24.. trapped in a 60 year old body Hahaha


Xanax for anxiety. I take 1 mg twice a day and ibuprofen 800 for headaches at least 1 a day


One high blood pressure pill. Then 3 oxycodone 10s and 3 tramadols for some pain an some recreational use score!


I was on Ambien for five years taking it every single night. I am an addict in recovery, and It was harder to get off of than heroin.


I take Adderall for my ADD, but only on weekdays and birth control to control/prevent birth


I take Trazadone to help me sleep and a pre natal vitamin at night and Zoloft in the morning for anxiety.


prescription drugs GAbapentin for nerve pain. Thyroid medication, cymbalta for anxiety, trazodone for sleep. Tizanidine for muscle relax


I take Xanax for severe and random panic attacks, and an anti - anxiety every night. It sucks to have to take something to feel normal.


I take naproxen and methocarbimal which is a muscle relaxer. All for back pain caused from an IED blast in Afghanistan.


norethindrone every day for endometriosis. Rantidine every day for ulcer. Omeprazole for ulcer. Stelara for psoriasis.


gabapentin, proponal, and celexa for depression. Birth control for endometriosis. I'm 18 and I take 5 pills a day


my heart is on the wrong side and part of it isn't there. i take digoxin, coumadin, metoprolol, lisinopril, and furosemide


adderall-add, techfedera-for MS Prozac-anxiety, asthma medicine. And I'm 31.


My "happy pill" or I may kill somebody!

i take 9 a month 1 for thyroid, 4 for bipolar, and 4 for pain problems every day


my husband has crohns disease and he takes humira every two weeks and numerous vitamins every day


a little pill for my non functioning thyroid; birth control (not for contraception, but female issues), and pantoprazole for over active stomach acid.


levothyroxin for thyroid, metformin and birth control for PCOS, Cingular, Allegra and Flonase for allergies, Vitamin D for deficiency plus inhaler


I am a homecare nurse and everyone of my pt rake at least 15 pills a day one of my pt takes 26 a day's hell to get old


I had a kidney pancreas transplant,I take hecoria,my fortic,prednizone,vitamin d3,omeprazole and baby aspirin 16 total pills each day