Im married, love my wife to death, but im pretending im happy living life as a man.

I told everyone I'm the store manager, when in reality I am only an associate

Have a friend who claims to be a fitness freak/guru and always posts old pics of when they were fit yet today are still out of shape. Really annoying.

My brother is pretending to have the perfect little family with his new wife and new baby but my sister-in-law always tells me how sad she is that he's never home he cares more about his friends than her and the baby and he doesn't even realize it and criticizes my husband and I because we have arguments

My BFF is pretending to have an open marriage but really she just cheated on her husband and got caught. Not sure I can be her friend anymore. .

im pretending to be broke, i tell everyone my dad lost his job but really my parents are loaded. im just tired of being the spoiled brat.

I'm pretending to be a 6ft skinny beautiful model online im 200 pounds and jobless now he wants to meet idk what to do :/

I used to have a coworker who pretended like she was our owner. She told everybody that she owned the business we worked at.

I'm pretending to be ok to my husband and friends that my 5 month old needs heart surgery when in reality I'm dying :(

Ultimate pretender. My ex claims to be an army bomb tech served in Iraq. After a year I found out he never even made it out of boot camp!