Breakfast club

Never seen any Harry potter, lord of the rings, or hobbits

16 candles and footloose

I have never seen "the sound of music"

Star Wars

ET! Never saw it!

The Godfather and dirty Harry

I have never seen titanic

I get crap ALL THE TIME for not ever seeing Avatar...:(

Rambo movies

I've never seen The Princess Bride. I'm surprised they haven't kicked me out of Utah

I'm embarrassed to say any back to the futures or Ferris buehlers day off or groundhog day. Can u say Finger and a thumb in the shape of an L on my forehead :/

The little rascals


No star wars or Indiana Jones. My brother thinks I've lived under a rock lol

Shawshank Redemption; Pulp Fiction.

Never seen gone with the wind

Never seen Happy Gilmore. Always get craps for it.

Oceans 11 and the sequels!

I have not seen bill and ted, Wayne's world or drop dead Fred..... Not my humor. Everyone I know references them and I draw a blank!

Scar face I haven't seen it :(

Mary poppins

Dumb and dumber, my husband gives me so much crap for never having seen it but I think it's stupid!!!

Back to the Future

Forrest Gump. But I was 12 when it came out and my parents were super strict about PG13 ratings.

I have never seen It's a Wonderful life. My husband has recorded it for me every year. I'm not big into black and white old movies

Indian Jones.... Back To the Future.... The original Star Wars.... Never seen any of them!! My co-worker asked me if I was a communist!!

Never seen Silence of the lambs, The Shining, I've tried twice and fall asleep