I felt old when someone at a bar said to me "Ma'am, would you like to take this shot? " :-(

As soon as I got called ma'am. My mid thirties

Was listening to sweet child of mine in the car and my 15 yr old cousin was singing it. Asked how she knew this song, she said glee :-\

That time the kid I use to babysit got married and had a kid on purpose and I'm still single. #gettingoldblows

Everytime someone calls me Sir

I felt old when I realized my 9 year old son has no idea what a cassette tape is :(

During new years my nephew picked up my old game boy from my dresser, and asked "what's this?"

Don't know where he got the idea but my 11-year-old thought the pay phone was a charging booth for his phone holy cow

When my nephew asked me "you had play dough when you were young?"

I felt old when my boys pointed it the VHS movies and asked "what are those?" Cummon!!

I felt old when my doctor said well you might want to try these and handed me a sample of Viagra

When I mentioned milli vanilli to this girl and she said that she loves her

I'm 31 and I was teaching my class the other day full of 12-13 year olds and I was trying to relate a story to them from my youth and I mentioned I has a pager... They didn't know what a pager was... And then it dawned on me that they were all born the year I graduated high school :( old

I went to the makeup counter for foundation the 18 yr old led me straight to a section and told me the anti aging properties would do wonders for me. I'm 37