I just got a huge promotion at work with the $20,000 raise and I can't tell anyone till next week

my boyfriends best friend touched me inappropriately when he thought I was asleep but I was too scared to do anything about it. No one knows about it

I was on price is right and won my showcase

My secret is I caught my friends mother in law cheating on her husband! She swore me to secrecy 6 years ago. My friend and his wife are now divorced

secret is we are eloping in two weeks!

My wife is pregers and it is killing my daughter not telling her friends

i'm dating my ex girlfriends best friend behind her back

I would love to tell a friend or SOMEONE that I slept with my wife's sister and it was awesome!

I am keeping my homosexuality from my Mormon family to avoid being shunned

I am only 30 and a year ago inherited 1 million dollars. No one knows.

My wife wants to watch me "be with" another woman. She's a really quiet woman and no one would ever imagine this from her.

I'm married over ten years and love my hubby, But I've had 2 affairs in 2 years

my best friend is dating a married woman

my niece got raped by ex bf best friend she had abortion no one In family knows except me

I am having a HAWT affair with my boss but I am totally falling for him and were both married DONT JUDGE! Lol

my friends 2 kids aren't really his, there mine. His wife and I been having an affair for about 3 years now

i suffer with depression

I'm gay and going to get married and my family doesn't even know that I'm gay

My brother told me that he cheated on his wife last week.

I'm leaving my boyfriend and moving out of state. He has no idea.

my wife doesn't know I have 10 kids with 10 different women. Dang drunk sex gets me every time.

I'm pregnant with my first child but it's way too early to tell my family

my wife's niece kissed me let's just say it's our little secret

I hide energy drinks from my wife she's against drugs

I just sold my IT company for over $40 million. I can't tell anybody until all the papers are signed.

my sister is sleeping with my boss for a year now! No one knows

Secret I just got back from California where I was for The final round of casting for the Bachelor. Find out if I'm actually on the show

My secret: I was hired to replace the person training me and she doesn't know it.

love my wife and she is sexy as hell, but having an affair with a woman I have no feelings for but hot as hell

I run my own obgyn practice. About once or twice a week I get sexual offers...I have fathered at least eleven children that I know of.