My realtor and his wife came to set up the house for viewing while I was gone, and had sex in my bedroom.


Local home builder had let go one of their agents for sleeping with clients.


I know of a home inspector that has sex in the houses he inspects


I did the nasty with two different girlfriends in vacant homes when I did real estate. Took them with me to look at investment properties.


I'm a stagger and we never put sheets on the bed because of previous "issues". We've found earrings, condom wrappers and $1 bills


My ex realtor bf used to logon to his system after dinners downtown and find a house to go test the floors or beds for stability. Safety first.


Builders agent got caught by her husband having sex in model home with another agent who's notorious for sleeping with EVERYONE (he's married too).


Smoked weed at a house I was showing in Park City with a client


Caught a realtor stealing a new paint sprayer on Father's Day. He no longer works for the same brokerage


I had sex with my boss at one of the houses that we remodel


Too many sex stories. I caught my realtor smoking weed in the bathroom and he would blow the smoke into the vent to hide the smell.