My pet peeve is when someone butts in to another person's conversation. like, someone will ask me a question and then another person will butt in with their answer. nobody's talking to you dude!!


my pet peeve at work is whistling. Makes me wanna kill things haha ~ Jenny~


I have a coworker that never applies for any leadership jobs, but openly criticizes everybody else that does ....she thinks she can do their job better than they can


Huge pet peeve: Not putting paper in the printer/copier when it runs out!!!! Instead of refilling it they print to a different machine and wait for someone else to do it! Grrrrr


Talking on the phone in the bathroom! Seriously fight with your man at home or gossip at the salon... Let me pee in peace


OMG this lady at my office ALWAYS loudly hums songs while listening to her headphones. Since she has the headphones in she can't tell how terribly off pitch she is!! We all wanna tell her to stop humming but are too scared she'll freak out on us lol. 


When a woman in charge tells us to wear our shoes but she can go bare foot bitch


Boss won't let us poo in the employee bathroom!


Snitches!!! They even dont do everything by the book!!!


My coworker would tap and drum on his desk all day long. When I politely asked if he could keep it down, he requested to be moved


Same coworker she called all her bills and try to get negotiate to get them down all day long she's calling her bills trying to tell him that she doesn't have much money and actually she gets it done but it takes like an hour for each phone call


We've been in training for a month now. It's a technical job. So 8 of us see each other everyday 8 hours a day. There's this woman who's in her mid 40's who just got in a divorce and is finally living up her "young phase" she dates men half her age (men who are like 22?) and she has numerous amounts of boyfriends and she tells us all about it. She will interrupt training on a consistent basis to share her baggage or tell us about this "super hot rich guy" who keeps trying to date her. Or makes up stories of her having celebrity friends. SHES 45!!!!


I have two coworkers that come crying to me about drama all the time-they're older and it's Goldengirl drama every day


There is a guy at my Bank ...he's a teller who takes his shoes off


I have a "friend" that does radio contests at her work all day. Her peers hate her.


Biggest pet peeve: when people don't put their texting on silent and as they're texting you hear click, click, click, click, click


I have a boss that eats & talks at the same time with absolute no manners at all. Food flies all over the place & ends up on my desk, my papers & all over her face. DISGUSTING!!!


My coworker clips her toenails right outside my office in a cubicle for everyone to see! It is disgusting, toenails flying everywhere!


My coworker is a mouth breather. He chews gum all day and I can hear him breathing through his mouth while he's chewing gum . Its disgusting!


I'm the only non-family member in a family run office. None of the rules apply to them and I'm always the bad guy. It's miserable.


There is a guy at my work who constantly gives color commentary on everything that happens on the TV in three break room. It makes me want to club a baby seal 


The office woman who everyone knows her sex life....ewww.


We have a "family" bathroom. One of the guys pees all over the floor and toilet. Ugh


I hate when my coworkers come in talking about shows from the night before that I missed - and ruin it before I get a chance to watch it. This happens EVERY Monday haha


Body odor! Enough said


People will randomly walk into my office and ask me if "I'm having fun yet." Happens every single day. Makes me want to punch things.


I HATE over talkers! Wait till I'm done taking before you butt in. bad listeners. 


Teacher. Loudest lady on my team next door. She stomps down the hall on heals and always yells when she talks. In computer lab when I'm trying to do paper work and actually work she loudly talks about her very important personal problems. She wants everyone to know she is around. #annoying #teacherprobs


I work right next to a woman who uses baby talk when she answers her phone. Constant baby talk. Drives me nuts.

Reheating fish in microwave. No fish!! Gross. I don't cook fish at home so don't bring it to work.


People that type on the computer loud


Coughing up flem every morning , eating corn nuts at 9 am , good gawd I could go on !


My boss will walk around in his socks


I work in a very small office and my co-worker sings to herself Disney movie songs


Sir sir sir I can't hear you sir. Each call over and over and over again #office annoyounce


There's a guy in my office who sounds like a recorded message when he answers the phone. "Thank you for calling. This is Brian! How can I help you?" It always throws the customers off because they aren't sure if he's automated or not. Everyone who sits anywhere close to him wants to punch him in the face!


Several old ladies walking around the office with no shoes... Put your shoes on! I dont wanna see ur stanky old toes!


A woman I used to sit by would make personal calls at her desk ALL the time, LOUDLY. Complaining to her insurance company or worse, calling her dr's office with details of the puss in her armpit!! Yep, I moved desks shortly after.


Chomping on ice ALL DAY long, and when they turn to talk to you, they have water droplets all over their chin and it looks like drool.


my Co worker...who is younger than me and is always telling me how to do my job


There is a guy in my office that clips his fingernails 3 times a week. You can hear the ping throughout the office! 


I work with a guy who licks his fingers while he talks to you, has the most dramatic loud and disgusting sneezes and does the whole snot/throat noises. 


Our new HR lady walks around smacking her gum and clicking her pen ugh it's soo annoying in top of that she has an annoying voice AND laugh