i normally wake up and crank the music

every morning I wake up at 4am, I kiss my wife goodbye, get in my car and turn on morning zoo all day.

 Every morning I have to without fail, poop and explore all my favorite websites for about half hour. If I don't do that my whole day is off.

I always do the 3 S's first thing no matter what- shiz shower and shave ;(

shower, blow dry my hair, makeup, hair, get dressed, then go pack my breakfast and lunch.

wake up do hair brush teeth, this starts at 5 am. Get to work 30 mins later, eat a banana an do oxycodone with a narco

wake up. Hit snooze. Feed and let my dogs out. Turn on 97.1 ZHT on iheart. Turn on straightener. Do my make up. Do my hair. Get dressed. Leave home

I chug 32oz of water, start the coffee, empty dishwasher, make breakfast for kiddos and then get them ready for daycare and school....and I'm the Dad.

s--t, shower shave, morning nookie is a must :-)

Every morning, the first thing I do after I wake up is expel myself of my masculine, testosterone infused, love juice haha

Brush teeth,do hair and makeup, run dogs out, feed and water dogs, make breakfast, drink coffee, go poop, get dressed, then off to work

Two alarms Meds Bathroom Brush teeth Wash face Wet hair Do hair Make up Dress Grab something for lunch Leave

Wake up pee work out shower breakfast for me and my kids makeup hair get dressed leave

Believe it or not my first morning ritual is turn in the morning Zoo

snooze alarm once, kiss wife, morning prayer with wife, dressed and eat two carrots two hard boiled eggs and a banana. Very morning for 8-10 years

brush teeth, shower, makeup, turn on zht on iheart, cook breakfast, feed dogs, get kids ready, make lunch.

 I'm pregnant so every morning I walk on the treadmill, shower, and then my ritual of slathering all the oily crap on my stomach lol.